Graphic designer and art director from Taiwan who enjoys capturing narratives and nuances and crafting effective systems and experiences, with a focus on typographic explorations. Ryan experiments and balances functionality with the element of fun. He is based in New York City.
Currently working on personal projects.

Previously at RISD Design Guild
& Leo Vision Communication Design.
Website set in original typeface Mackerel Flare.

Battlefield Culture

Category – Branding, Visual Identity, Signage/Wayfinding, Publication
Client – Kinmen, Taiwan
Year – 2023

RISD Graphic Design Spring Speaker Series 2024

Category – Visual identity, Poster
Client – RISD Graphic Design
Year – 2024

RISD Commencement 2024

Category – Visual identity, Poster, Social Media
Client – Rhode Island School of Design
Year – 2024

A Conversation with Kurt Woerpel

Category – Editorial, Publication, Type
Client – RISD Graphic Design
Year – 2023


Category – Visual Identity, Packaging, Publication
Client – Cornelius
Year – 2024

Lobster Exhibit

Category – Exhibition, Visual Identity, Signage/Wayfinding
Client – RISD Market Square
Year – 2023

Marks & Logotypes for Wearables

Category – Publication, Type, Apparel
Client – El Lissitzky
Year – 2023

Star Castle Bookstore

Category – Branding, Visual Identity, Type, Apparel, Signage/Wayfinding
Client – Star Castle Bookstore 星星城堡書店
Year – 2022

Closing Announcement

Category – Type, Illustration, Publication, Poster
Client – Personal Project
Year – 2023