RISD Graphic Design Spring Speaker Series 2024

 A collaboration with Tina Zhou (RISD GD MFA ‘25) of a series of five posters as part of the identity design for RISD Graphic Design's 2024 Spring Speaker Series.

This lecture series spotlights the designers from regions marked by geopolitical tension and the visual imprint of reconciliation of identities as refugees, immigrants, émigrés and expatriates: Iranian artist Iman Raad; Designers from The Syrian Design Archive (Kinda Ghannoum, Sally Alassafen, Hala Al Afsaa); and Ukrainian designers U,N,A collective (Aliona Solomadina, Uliana Bychenkova, Nika Kudinova).

While designing these posters, we wanted to focus on the themes of resilience, creativity, and aesthetics of hope amidst wars and climate crises. The lines that weave through and between letters are derived from the idea of borders and freedom, and the designer names in their mother tongues are brought to the foreground as a celebration for non-dominant languages in Western design. 
Category – Visual identity, Poster
Client – RISD Graphic Design
Year – 2024



Created for RISD Graphic Design
Great thanks to Paul Soullelis and Anastasiia Raina for the opportunity.