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Recently completed his Graphic Design studies at the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA ’24), Ryan likes to think he exists simultaneously in Zhubei City, Taiwan and New York City, USA. He is enthusiastic about finding significance and humor in usually mundane things; creating and capturing beautiful and fleeting moments; embracing clutter and natural imperfections; and creating the new while honoring the old.

Other facts 
  1. Ryan grew up in Hsinchu, Taiwan, where his mom owns and runs 
    the independent Star Castle Bookstore 星星城堡書店
  2. He loves bossa nova
  3. The lizard logo has a story...

Resume available upon request

Photographed by the amazing
Leslie Berumen Flores


Art Direction
Book, Publication, Editorial
Branding / Visual Identity
Experiential design
Exhibit design
Analog / digital photography
Poster / Print
Signage / Wayfinding
Type Design


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