RISD Commencement 2024

  Every year, Commencement brings graduating students together to celebrate one another and the collective success of the respective class. The concept of this year’s event graphics describe what is at the core of learning and creating at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Making starts not only with a question, but often with a haphazard scribble. At RISD, students write, paint and draw to envision a reimagined future. Sketchbooks then, are a portal into an individual's unique outlook, their exploration from ideation to concept. Commencement shares a similar trajectory— reaching an end only to start again.
Category – Visual identity, Poster, Social Media
Client – Rhode Island School of Design
Year – 2024


Created in collaboration with Ryan Yan and Peter Weicheng Xu
Creative direction: RISD Marketing and Communications (Huy Vu and Iyana Martin Diaz)