RISD Graphic Design Triennial 2021

The 2021 RISD Graphic Design Triennial “is a testament to the ever-evolving state of design and its endless potential: a pathway to the many worlds we’ve been to before and a portal to the infinite places we will eventually go.” To reflect this, the exhibit placed emphasis on the distortion of dimensions, motions of a portal, and connecting rooms that surround a central hub.
Category – Exhibition, Branding, Visual Identity, Type, Signage/Wayfinding
Client – RISD Graphic Design
Year – 2021

Retrospection Room (Panorama)
Retrospection Room
Activation Room
Activation Room (Panorama)
Speculation Room (Panorama)
Connection Room 1
Speculation Room
Connection Room 2
Event Poster

For this project, I was responsible for ideating both concepts and execution for the identity and the exhibition of the event. In particular, I directed the spatial designs for the Retrospection room and the Main Hall.  
Exhibition collaborators: Amy Lim, Anita Huang, Anna (Yu Jung) Jung, Carrie Chaeeun An, Malvika Agarwal, Mehek Vohra, Mio Kosaka, Monet Fukuwa, & Nishtha Nanda.

Poster, Visual identity collaborators: Christine Koh, Minjun Choi, Sharlene Deng, Tom Tan, Utkan Dora Öncül, & Xinwen Hu.